The Hot Tub Revolution ACE


Saltwater systems have been used in swimming pools, originating in Australia, for some 30 or more years. However, recent attempts to transfer the saltwater technique into hot tubs has failed – until we perfected our ACE system.

So, what’s the difference between ACE and previous saltwater systems?

1st Generation Saltwater Systems

The first effort to produce sanitizers from salt and water used graphite, which only produced bromine, and required such high levels of salt that it proved to be corrosive to some hot tubs components. In addition, large quantities of electricity were required, and the system was never fully integrated into the hot tub, meaning that it created very little by way of advantage or ease of use for the owners.

Saltwater Systems Evolving

Next to come along was titanium: even though large quantities of salt and electricity were still required, titanium had the advantage of creating chlorine, rather than bromine, the former of which many consider a more effective sanitizer. However, the system still wasn’t fully integrated, and there was no recourse should the titanium elements fail other than a factory recall.

The Revolution…

Over three years ago, we created ACE for hot tubs, which uses diamond technology and needs only a fraction of the salt (just over the levels found in normal drinking water) and electricity of previous systems. Furthermore, the unique diamond technology produces not only chlorine, but also non chlorine shock, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and active oxygen – five powerful sanitizers working in harmony to keep your hot tub water purer for longer than conventional systems.

“ACE only requires a drain down after six months or more, rather than three in other systems.”

There’s even more great news: ACE is fully integrated, and once it’s set up then for the next six months, it’s virtually hands-free.

  • Cleaning the diamond unit takes just ten-minutes.
  • Soft water ensures that components last longer than those in conventional hot tubs.

Why is soft water so good?

Soft water feels superb against the skin – in fact, it has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. And for those people who might suffer from dry skin, eczema or who just don’t like the smell of chlorine, isn’t it good to know that the sanitizers created from salt, water and diamonds are completely natural, odour-free – they’re kind to the skin and the environment.

All in all, ACE answers many of our customers’ needs, proving that diamonds are a hot tub’s best friend!