How to deal with Anxiety: can a HOT TUB be the ANSWER?


Let’s face it… life is stressful. And sometimes it feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. We handle our family and work responsibilities with ease but sometimes our lives can feel overwhelming and make us anxious.

#mentalhealthawarenessweek Stress and anxiety can reduce our quality of life and is often associated with muscle tension. While handling small amounts of stress can be easy, when confronted with too many demands, our body can often show our feelings in form of pain and muscle tension.  Often, it helps to just take a break, be alone in a quiet place away from the distractions of technology and the demands of life. When you take time to unwind your mind, you’re able to think more clearly and focus on your own needs.

Your spa can be your perfect retreat. An accessible, soothing and private sanctuary in which you can relax and take advantage of the many health benefits hot tub therapy offers, including stress relief.

Because it’s often the relentless pace of life that feeds anxiety, the convenience of a home hot tub located just outside your back door or inside your house can provide relief—fast. There’s no need to go back into a busy world and sit in traffic or deal with crowded mass transit just to get to your soothing space, after all.


With a HotSpring water feature, you can relax in your spa while enjoying the soothing sound of a cascading fountain. Add another layer to your hot tub experience, and transform your spa into a beautiful attraction.

The sight and sound of running water can be exceptionally calming, which is why innovative water features are included on most hot tub models. They can be enjoyed in “tranquillity mode” or with the hot tub jets activated.

hot tub water features image 1

The elegant BellaFontana water feature creates three elegant backlit arches of water – a beautiful fountain that can be enjoyed in tranquillity mode or with the hot tub jets activated.
*Available on all Highlife Collection spas except the Prodigy and Jetsetter

The Limelight Collection’s signature Vidro water feature produces a wide, colourful, backlit ribbon of water to add to your sensory experience.
*Available on all Limelight Collection spas except the Bolt™

hot tub water features image 3


Spa music can help set the mood for stress reduction. Think of how energized you get listening to rock and roll or dance music and how classical music can soothe you. Modern luxury and premium spas have advanced entertainment features that often include wireless Bluetooth® audio connectivity, which allows you to connect your music system and devices right from your spa.

wireless hot tub music speaker

The wireless music system with extended Bluetooth technology.

Enjoy entertainment wirelessly as you wind down in your spa, by streaming music live or listening to your own music library from your Bluetooth®enabled device.

Enjoy live TV, stream video and more from inside your spa or while entertaining in your garden. The optional all-weather 22” HD Wireless TV features excellent picture quality with 1080P screen resolution and anti-reflective, anti-glare coating.

The TV is attached to your hot tub cabinet and is waterproof and temperature resistant. (Comes with a TV Weather Cover for when not in use.) With HDMI convenience, you can add a streaming stick or connect to any of your in-home video sources for a range of programming options.

hot tub tv system


Calming lights in cool colours like blue or green can relax the mind, especially after a hard day at work under harsh office fluorescent lighting. When you soak in your spa and set the LED lights to a calming pattern, you can begin to relax and lower your stress level.

Add ambience to your nightly soak with the Highlife® Collection’s Luminescence hot tub lighting system. With four zones, you can individually control colour and brightness of underwater and bartop lighting, or set the lights to rotate through all the colours.

Illuminate your Limelight® Collection hot tub with up to 39 points of light accenting the hot tub interior and the Vidro® waterfall. Raio’s six colour options can be set to high, medium or low intensity, and you can choose to showcase one colour or set the system to loop through them all.

hot tub lighting image 2

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