“A spa provides the powerful and dynamic combination of massage and hot water.”

We strive to do these things better with one-of-a-kind massage, innovative water care systems, and features that keep water hot and operating costs low. Plus, you can count on our decades of experience and our unparalleled customer care for the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience.



“You can count on the experienced and knowledgeable HotSpring World showrooms and team to provide unparalleled customer care as you shop for, purchase and enjoy your new hot tub.”

Plus, you can count on our decades of experience and our unparalleled customer care for the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience.

Hot Tub Health Benefits

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, people have found natural healing powers in bubbling pools of hot water. Through the ages, the Romans, Greeks, Japanese and other cultures have realised its many benefits through spirit, mind and body. Hot tubs can create the same effect.

Owning a Hot Tub is one of the best investments you can make in your health and stress reduction. Quality hot tubs, will give you years of relaxation and pleasure.

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Hot Tub Assist

At Watkins UK (HotSpring World) we have very carefully selected a highly specialised group of HotSpring technicians called Hot Tub Assist (HTA).

We choose to use HTA to ensure that you ‘the customer’ gets the very best service we could possibly provide and who are dedicated to JUST looking after your hot tub.

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Energy Efficiency

Our goal is to develop the most efficient hot tubs possible. We have created a complete Energy Smart® system that reduces energy consumption to save you money. You can have peace of mind that your HotSpring hot tub will be hot and ready for you, without costly energy bills.

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Freshwater Salt System

Available on all Highlife® Collection and Limelight® Collection spas, this easy-to-use salt water system eliminates the worry of keeping spa water clean, clear and sanitised for a full year.*

With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically so you’ll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. This unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever by removing the guesswork and hassle of water care maintenance.

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Exclusive Jets

We design our own jets  for our hot tubs so that each jet has the power to give you an incredible massage. All our jets are completely adjustable to create just the right sensation. From Powerful and invigorating to gentle and soothing.

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The only system that provides peace of mind knowing that your spa is being looked after, even when you are away.

With this innovative new service, your HotSpring® World dealer can provide an exclusive monitoring option, ideal for spa owners who are on the go or have a spa at a second home.

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Lighting By Design

Personalise your HotSpring® hot tub experience and create a lighting theme that matches your mood with the Luminesence® four zone multi-colour lighting system. For over 30 years, HotSpring hot tubs has led the industry in innovative design.

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Music & Entertainment Systems

Whilst you relax in your hot tub you can still listen to your favourite soundtracks, watch your favourite film or keep up with sporting events. Enhance your hot tub experience with our latest Hot Spring Entertainment Systems.

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Water Features

The sight and sound of running water can be exceptionally calming, which is why innovative water features are included on most hot tub models. They can be enjoyed in “tranquility mode” or with the hot tub jets activated.

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“The HotSpring World team are committed to providing you with the best hot tub experience possible.”

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