Triathletes try out our Endless Pools at our Peterborough Showroom


We invited Triathletes to visit our Peterborough showroom and try out our Endless Pools swim spas. As experienced athletes with a gruelling training and competition schedule we were very interested to hear what they would say.

From seasoned competitors to athletes fairly new to the sport, very impressive to even try!!!, they all joined in making the most of our Endless Pools.

This is what they said …

So what did we do on the day?

We set up our athletes in various pools, an E2000 with Swim Machine and Treadmill, an X500 with Aqua Bike and an R200,  from the RecSport range which is excellent for the family. Our aim was to give our Triathlete colleagues a chance to experience the following in an Endless Pool solution:

  • Swim
  • Run on the underwater treadmill
  • Bike using the aqua bike

It seemed like it was quite an experience for all Triathletes!

Time to Swim!

Triathletes swimming in our Endless Pool, PeterboroughSeasoned in training in pools and competing and training in open water we were interested to see what our Triathletes thought of the Endless Pool and its, hydraulically powered, Swim Machine which creates a current of up to 19,000 litres per minute, wider than your body and deeper than your stroke.

More than any other exercise, swimming uses the greatest number of muscles in the body. In an Endless Pool, you swim against a consistent current which offers unique benefits over land-based exercise: improved strength and stamina with no trauma to joints, tendons, or bones.

“I can do so much in it. I could vary the speed, so if I wanted to do a sprint session I can, I can swim with my paddles on and still get some decent resistance training, I can slow the pace down and do a long distance session. So there’s good variability in that”
Piers Vallance
2018 World Series Sprint Triathlon Champion & 2019 National GB Champion.

Swimming against a current also means no need for turning and pushing off. No matter your fitness level, it’s a much more concentrated and efficient workout.

You can enjoy total-body aquatic activity, followed by post-workout relaxation in jetted seats! Two-in-one design combines a swim current with hydromassage luxury.

Time to bike!

Triathletes try out our Endless Pools, Peterborough ShowroomIt was perhaps no surprise that our Athletes hadn’t expected to be ale to use an Endless Pool to train on a bike.

“It surprised me how it changed depending on the cadence. You’ve got the restriction of the water as you’re pedalling.. And if you are going at a high cadence it’s working the quads. If you slow it down everything changes and it goes to the hamstrings and the calfs. It’ll be great for recovery and easy training and you can switch it up just by changing your cadence.”
Simon Goss, Triathlete, Obstacle Course Athlete and Personal Trainer

Our lightweight stationary Aqua Bike gives you a workout that’s more effective than indoor cycling and gentler on your body. By cycling in water, you’ll get increased core engagement plus 360° resistance to build strength and recover faster.
The water bike offers smart, ergonomic features for long-lasting fitness and fun:

  • Lightweight Construction lets you move it in and out of the pool easily
  • Sturdy Frame and silicone stability feet for your security, even when standing
  • Padded Pedals for barefoot comfort
  • 5 Adjustment Points (legs, seat & handlebars) for a perfect fit
  • Fast Drainage through underside perforations
  • Silicone Wheels for smooth repositioning that protects your pool’s liner

The water bike has no speed settings to worry about; to increase resistance, simply pedal faster! The water bike puts you in complete control.

Ideal for low to medium-intensity workouts, the water bike can be positioned in front of the Endless Pools swim current for a more challenging ride. Or use it in conjunction with our Underwater Treadmill to complete an entire triathlon in your home pool!

And you can run in your Endless Pool on the underwater treadmill!

Triathletes run in our Endless Pools, Peterborough ShowroomMore than just a swim system one of the great things about the Endless Pools is the variation of training it can provide, as well as the hydrotherapy!

“The treadmill was absolutely brilliant!, especially when you wanted to do some of your longer runs without the resistance and impact of having to run outside. And at this time of year being able to practise swim-run, swim-run, is very difficult so having that opportunity to do that in an Endless Pool is absolutely perfect training”
Clare Vallance
2018 World Series Sprint Triathlon Champion & 2019 National GB Champion.

Offering low-impact running and walking options you get all the cardiovascular benefits of exertion without the negative side effects.

One of the ‘essential extras’ for swim spas, the hydraulically powered underwater treadmill, allows you to vary the treadmill speed from a gentle walking pace to an invigorating run.

For a more challenging workout, with the same low-impact benefits, turn on the swim current for increased resistance against core, leg, and upper body muscle groups.

A time for recovery

And it didn’t escape the notice of our Triathletes that the E2000 incorporated its own spa side Hot Tub area giving users the ability to regulate the temperature on both sides independently and providing great hydrotherapy.

“The Hot Tubs really great at the end because you’ve got the jets which help massage you after you’ve done a good wok out, the jets will help massage your legs and your back and its just nice to relax”

Triathletes relaxing after a workout, Peterborough ShowroomCooling down following any exercise session is easy in our E2000 or X2000 Endless Pools as our Triathletes discovered. The comfort of spa seating with hydromassage jets to soothe muscles, perfectly positioned captain’s chairs with pillows and warm water deliver an ideal post-workout relaxation experience.

Why not try one of these machines for yourself

These amazing Endless Pools have to be seen to e believed and we understand that any purchase of this type takes careful consideration.

That’s why we welcome you to visit our showrooms to try out our Endless Pools, and in fact our Hot Tubs, without any obligation. We are very happy to help you in every and any way; to answer your questions, to hear your thoughts and to let you try these out to your hearts content!

Give us a call and arrange your free test.

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