Tips for using a hot tub in the winter


Despite the fact there are many truly great reasons why you would want to buy a hot tub in the UK, there is usually one motive that sticks out above all of the rest, weather!

Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with hot weather all year round in the United Kingdom with its variable maritime island climate. This means that every now and again we need to warm up and escape the cold, wet and windy conditions, if just for just a little while in our busy lives!

Some people may simply turn the heating up, whilst others might splash out on holidays to exotic destinations, but there is another option. Hot tubs can provide a great deal of warmth and comfort when the bitter winter months take hold.

Some hot tub owners don’t even use their hot tubs when it’s cold outside and choose to drain all the water out instead. Along with causing potential damage, this could cost more money in the long run and doesn’t bring about the enjoyment that wintertime hot tub sessions afford.

However, there are certain steps you should take before using your own personal spa in winter and it is important to bear these in mind before you buy a hot tub for your UK home.

Drain and refill your hot tub

After using a hot tub in the summer, there is a chance that suntan lotion and cosmetic product residue could be left behind. Therefore, it is recommended to drain your hot tub, give it a thorough clean and refill it with fresh water before the winter arrives. Do this sooner rather than later, as you won’t feel like draining your hot tub when it is really freezing cold outside.


Check the hot tub’s seals

If there are any tears in a hot tub’s seals, heat may escape and it will take a while to bring back up to temperature. On top of that, contamination from rain water or ice melting could also leak into the hot tub. Therefore, perform a visual check on the seals to make sure they are all intact.

Inspect the cover

The cover is an incredibly important component and works to keep the cold out but the heat in. Just like the seals, any tears or damage could cause some valuable heat to escape and end up costing lots of money in utility bills. So, inspect the cover to see whether it’s in good condition and buy a replacement if it is not!

Keep an eye on the temperature

It is advisable to keep a close eye on the hot tub temperature to make sure it is coping well with the winter conditions. You may need to turn it up by a few degrees to counteract the outside temperature, but this shouldn’t result in a significant increase to your energy bills, especially if you have a good quality cover to help keep the heat in.


Turn on the freeze protection system

Freezing pipes can cause lasting damage to a hot tub, but the in-built freeze protection system will maintain a constant water temperature and prevent any problems from occurring.

If you follow this hot tub advice then you’ll be able to reap the rewards of a hot tub all year round including during the Spring, Summer and Autumn but particularly in the winter-time!

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