A little light show is good for you.

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A little light show is good for you.

Did you know that most Hot Spring spas feature a multi-coloured LED lighting system?

This means you can enjoy all the colours of the rainbow, or a single colour at a time. Not only are they entertaining, but these lights can make you feel better. In this article, we explore hot tubs, chromatherapy, and LED lighting.

The History of Chromatherapy

Colour Therapy ImageFor more than 2500 years, people have used the benefit of coloured light therapy to feel better.

Ancient civilisations in China, Egypt, and India used it to aid in healing.

Pythagoras created colour halls for all, and Egyptian practitioners built specially designed solariums.

They had glass and lenses to break up sunlight into the many colours of the spectrum.

Today, researchers know that certain colours help us feel healthier overall.

Therapeutic Colors

Today, hot tubs use multi-coloured lighting for visual enhancements and entertainment while soaking.  But, we also know certain colours can address a health benefit.

Research over the last 50 years shows that exposure to certain colours assists in overall health and balance. Chromatherapy means surrounding yourself with a specific colour to address a need.

Let’s look at the most common colours:

  • Violet is often used to soothe organs, calm your nervous system & relax your muscles.
  • Blue enhances communication and knowledge, and it may help eliminate toxins.
  • Green is the colour associated with balance. Some even say green has antibacterial properties.
  • Yellow, also known for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, may aid with digestion and lymphatic systems.
  • Red is the energy colour thought to improve circulation and promote the production of red blood cells. Doctors have used it to help patients in a paralytic state recover. Red also may help people with Restless Leg Syndrome.

Hot Spring Spas and LED Lighting

Hot Spring Spas helps you enjoy a rainbow of colour while entertaining friends and family or just pick the single hue that best matches your mood for the evening.

Or, if you’re feeling in need of some alone time and therapy, look at the list above, and choose the colour you think might help!


Add ambience to your nightly soak with the Highlife® Collection’s Luminescence lighting system.

With four zones, you can individually control colour and brightness of underwater and bar-top lighting, or set the lights to rotate through all the colours. 

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