Fit 4 Life Stories: Meredith makes losing weight enjoyable with Water Exercise


Meredith’s Story How She Lost 100 lbs Using the Endless Pools Fitness System

In the UK more than two-thirds of men and almost 6 in 10 women are overweight or obese (2016). People are seeking meaningful ways to lose weight.

Traditional land-based exercise is often too painful for their muscles and joints, creating a barrier to improving their health. Thousands of consumers are resorting to fitness, wellness, and weight loss websites to discover better ways to exercise pain free and lose weight.

Endless PoolsThe following video shares Meredith’s story, a woman who like many, was struggling with her weight. Through water exercise, she has lost over 100 lbs. and counting.

Meredith attributes her weight loss to aquatic fitness. It’s been a game changer for Meredith and helped her turn her life around. Please share this compelling video with your website visitors and post it on your social media pages. Consumers are looking, and you are their answer!