Another 10 Reasons to Own a Hot Tub


1. A gift to treasure

Why not have a fully loaded tub, supplied with everything your loved one needs, and have it put in place in time for an anniversary, birthday or special occasion? Your partner will receive years of enjoyment, and a hot tub will prove to be a gift to truly remember.

2. A games centre

Get yourself a pack or two of waterproof playing cards and a floating backgammon set, then set up a games session to keep your mind active, or keep the kids occupied while you chill out and relax.

3. Row your way to fitness

Hot tubs can be fitted with rowing machines, and thanks to the combined effect of increased resistance and extra protection for the joints and limbs, both provided by the water, your tub is transformed into a safe and flexible mini gym!

4. Hot tub tanning machine

Because a tub can be used all year round, winter or summer, your exposure to the beneficial rays of the sun is increased. Many of us suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D, which is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. And there’s more: for those of us who enjoy a good tan, the reflected rays of the sun bouncing up off the surface of the water will help you achieve a golden glow in less time than usual (be careful, therefore, not to overdo your exposure during times when the sun is at its zenith).

5. Float away your worries

Our hot tub owners will often run their tubs at a cool summer temperature – indeed, some of our tubs have an automatic “summer time” mode to take care of this for you. They will use an air mattress, lilo or other flotation device, and then kick back and let all the troubles and cares of the day simply float away…

6. Catch up with your reading

Just grab a book – or these days an electronic reading device, which can be fitted with waterproof cases – and catch up on some reading time. There is no environment more conducive to the “great escape” that a brilliant book can bring.

7. From bedroom to bubble bliss

If your bedroom is on the ground floor, or you have a deck area outside, why not place your tub within easy reach, and slip out of your master bedroom into a convenient and private place? Then you can experience the warm embrace of bubbling water at any time of day or night.

8. A tub as sports centre

Whichever side you support, whether youe enjoy watching a race, athletics, Olympic contests or competitive team sports, fit your tub with a waterproof TV and a stunning sound system, and  when you get into your tub you’ll feel as though you’re sitting inside your very own sports ground. Invite your friends and fellow supporters, and cheer on your winning team!

9. Hot Tub in the snow

There’s no better time to relax inside a hot tub than when it’s snowing. The flakes melt at nose level, while you remain warm and cosy, able to relish the sight of your garden any time it’s transformed into a winter wonderland!

10. Add value to your home

Are you thinking of moving? You have two great choices: either leave the tub inside your garden and add value to the property; or offer to remove the tub and take it with you. Either way, everyone wins.