Top Tips for Hot Tub Health


Let’s face it, many of us spend far too long sitting passively in front of a screen. Most worrying of all, significant numbers of our children are spending hours watching TV or playing endless computer games.

It might seem unbelievable, but recent research has shown that watching TV takes less energy than doing absolutely nothing!

American researchers at the University of Michigan revealed that:

“While watching TV, the metabolic rate seems to go even lower than during rest… This means that a person would burn fewer calories while watching TV than when just sitting quietly, doing nothing.”

For more on this and other child TV-related health issues go to:

One thing remains certain: most children love hot tubs. They get to invite their friends, chat openly with them and with family members in a way that rarely occurs outside of such a relaxing environment. And best of all, your children and you will have tremendous fun!

There’s little doubt that many adults would also benefit from less time spent in couch potato syndrome. A recent article in the Mail Online contained the following shocking revelation:

“Computers and TV take up half our lives as we spend seven hours a day using technology.”

Read more about this at:

When you think about it, there are very few home improvement products that can bring a family together at the touch of a button, that can provide a relaxation space for everyone, from toddlers to golden oldies 24/7, 365 days a year!

So why not get the family off your couch and into a hot tub? In years to come, you’ll be happy you escaped the lure of a glimmering screen for the soft allure of warm, welcoming water.


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