Hot Tub Fact and Fiction (1)


Some salespeople exploit the relative ignorance of hot tub customers, who don’t necessarily know what makes a great hot tub. What are the signs that this might be occurring?

Unscrupulous salespeople usually focus on the following three areas:

1. Number of jets
2. Size / horsepower of pumps
3. Number of motors

Ironically, the truth concerning the above points is the reverse of what you might think. This blog explains why.


It’s a common thought that more jets equates to a better hot tub. In truth, it’s not the number of jets but their quality and variety that counts. Premium jets also combine power with comfort.

A few superb jets provide a memorable experience compared with hundreds of jets that sting your skin, or give no variety of massage.


People new to the hot tub industry often imagine high horsepower pumps provide great power to jets. However, horsepower is only one factor. Another significant aspect is how smoothly water flows around the pipes. In a well made hot tub, lower horsepower pumps often deliver more power than high horsepower pumps in a poorly made tub.

A truly efficient hot tub has no t-bends in the pipes. A t-bend is like a T junction in a road – a T junction slows down cars, a t-bend slows down water.

Why should any of this concern you? Because lower horsepower means lower electricity bills.

We want you to receive low electricity bills whilst experiencing high water flow. Without becoming too jargon-laden, it’s what we think of as a win-win situation.


The more motors, the better the hot tub, right?

Not necessarily.

Every additional motor adds to electricity costs. We focus on providing optimal hot tub massage with a minimal amount of motors, so you can save money every time you use your hot tub.

I hope this blog has demystified some of the sales tactics you might experience as you shop for a hot tub. If you hear anything that doesn’t add up, or confuses or concerns you, just post a comment, and we will do our best to separate fact from fiction.


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