Make Valentine's Day a Hot Tub Delight!


In the days leading up to Valentine’s, we are surrounded by images of romance: restaurants triple their prices, romantic getaways abound, and we can experience some pressure to find a perfect way of expressing our love for our partner, spouse or “significant other”.

But why go anywhere else, or have to pay over-the-top prices, when you can enjoy a perfect romantic evening in the comfort of your own home? In fact, with a hot tub in your garden, on your patio or deck, you have ready-made intimacy 365 days a year!

Whilst there’s no need to wait for a special occasion, if you do want to make this Valentine’s Day a hot tub delight, here are a few simple steps to help you create the perfect ambience for love:

  1. Set your mood lighting to romantic red: colours are very evocative, and the warm glow of red will make your hot tub a vibrant, intimate space
  2. Use spa-friendly aromatherapy scents to thrill the senses and stimulate the mind
  3. Weather and location permitting, artfully place a few red candles around your tub to bathe the surroundings with the flickering glow of candlelight
  4. If you have seating and a table close by, put red cushions on the seats and strew the table with red confetti or rose petals
  5. Hide a red rose (or a dozen!) somewhere close to the tub so you can offer them to your loved one at the perfect moment
  6. Chill a bottle of bubbly (non-alcoholic soft drinks if preferred) to accompany the bubbles in your tub. A portable spa bar fridge will ensure that chilled drinks are merely an arm’s length away
  7. Put on some soft, alluring music: perhaps a favourite track or a reminder of romantic times to pluck at the heartstrings
  8. Have thick cotton robes ready to wrap yourself your loved one in fluffy towelling

Go ahead, immerse yourselves in water and experience a Valentine’s day massage to remember…

For those of you yet to take the plunge, as it were, what better gift for a loved one than a Valentine’s Day hot tub? And there is still have time to go to your local showroom and reserve one. If you do, we might even put a red ribbon round your tub for you!

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