Say Hello to a Natural Life


The hot tubs most commonly found in gyms, hotels and other recreational areas, as well as those installed in people’s homes and gardens use traditional methods of sanitation – bromine or chlorine and perhaps ozone.

However, HotSpring’s unique ACE® saltwater system offers some clear advantages over these methods of sanitation. Here are just five:

1. Say hello to natural water

Salt water is a natural sanitizer that requires less chlorine than a traditional tub. Furthermore, chlorine produced by salt is non-irritating to the eyes and skin and has no unpleasant odour. Your water will smell great, feel great and look great all year round. Using fewer chemical means using water just as nature intended.

2. Say hello to healthy skin

One of the disadvantages of chlorinated hot tubs is their dehydrating effect on skin. This can be particularly detrimental for those suffering from such skin complaints as eczema and psoriasis, many of whom were unable to enjoy hot tubs at all. Because ACE® softens the skin, people with sensitive skin can use saltwater tubs without worry. In fact, salt is a commonly found ingredient in skin care products.

2. Say hello to healing

The combination of heat and salt water can be an effective way to treat swelling and edema, notes the National Strength and Conditioning Association (for more information, see “Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning,” National Strength and Conditioning Association, 2008).

The Association points out that whilst any hot water will open up your pores, it’s only with salty water that fluid is drawn out of the skin. Not only edema can be treated: salt water tubs can reduce painful swelling from exercise-related injuries.

3. Say hello to relaxation – physical, emotional and psychological

Salt water hot tubs combine warm water, buoyancy and hydromassage which act in unison to promote physical, emotional and psychological relaxation. Indeed, professional athletes use hot tubs to restore muscles and soothe away the tension of intensive training. With ACE® doing the laps you don’t need to win Olympic gold to feel like a winner – just climb in and let HotSpring do the rest!

5. Say hello to an easy life

Once you have set up ACE® it gets to work cleaning your water, and with just a few simple maintenance steps it will continue to do so for the next six months. Your tub will be easy to operate – letting you enjoy an easy life…

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