Dip your toe into the hot tub waters of Russia’s infamous Oligarchs!


When it comes to diving in at the deep end nobody does it better than the Russians!

Whether, ahem, enjoying their foreign holidays, and expeditions, to such an extent that they don’t want to leave or buying stakes in businesses of dubious intent, they seem to be the world leaders.

Historically they have also been world leaders in the arts and sciences too, giving the world the likes of Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky and Tolstoy.  On the flip side, they have also given us Ivan the Terrible, Rasputin and Stalin. This all shows just what a country of real life contrasts they are!

This is the key to understanding Russia, basically anything goes. Their love of the arts, sciences and humanities is often balanced by an opposing viewpoint seemingly in every quarter.


Uber Rich Russians

When it comes to wealth and money too, they are a country of incredible contrasts, hosting people from all walks of life from the poor to super rich. In fact, 20 million Russians earn less than £150 per month but, on the other hand, there are likely tens of thousands of multi-millionaires and probably over 100 billionaires!

These ‘nouveau riche’ Russians certainly know how to splash it all about. This probably comes down to the fact that they simply cannot manage to spend their new found wealth without also needing to show it off all the time!

When it comes to party time, for friends and family (and any potential business partners that they want to impress) they certainly know how to put on a show like no-one else!

Check out Russian Billionaire Andrey Melnichenko’s 394 foot long $300 million mega yacht ‘A’.


This amazingly ostentatious yacht really does have it all. From the usual suspects such as real stingray hide wallpaper (naturally), helipad deck (a necessity) and speedboat garage (for a quick getaway) to silver leaf walls in the main stairwell with chrome and mirrors everywhere you look!

Perhaps all the mirrors are simply to remind guests just how beautiful they are! It’s enough to make any ‘D’ list celebrity wince with envy.

It also has three pools of its own,  including a supersized grand hot tub massage pool, with a glass bottomed floor and separate Disco underneath!


21st Century Entertaining in uber rich Oligarch style!

What better place to entertain your guests than in the hot tub with the Disco laser lights glaring beneath or, alternatively,  in the glittering disco whilst a bevy of beauties are enjoying a skinny dip above your head in the hot tub massage pool!

So there you have it, the Russian’s approach is truly ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ – only they know how to do it in their own impeccably dressed Russian uber rich style!

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