Top tips for enjoying your hot tub this winter


You may shiver at the thought of entertaining in your garden this winter, but despite the dark and dank months approaching, British HotSpring hot tub owners are busy preparing themselves for a season of entertaining outside. Relaxing with friends and family in the warm, restorative waters of their very own home spa.


So, with the clocks soon to rewind, we spoke to a few, and asked them to share their secrets to creating the perfect social space in your winter garden.


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WINTER GARDEN GUIDE – #5 Must dos for home spa garden entertaining


1. Be safe

The most important thing to consider during the winter is garden safety. Slips and trips are far more frequent when the surface is damp, icy or badly lit. HotSpring owners ranked our Clarion® Lighting System as their most valuable accessory, as it means they can feel safe all year round. It is purpose designed, with high-specification lighting targeted to illuminate not only your spa cabinet and spa steps, but also spa entrance for additional safety in winter darkness.


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2. Be energy efficient

Wintertime in your home spa does not have to be heavy on your wallet. The HotSpring owners we spoke to agreed that the triple energy efficient combination of 1) High density cabinet and cabinet cover insulation 2) HotSpring SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump and 3) Dimmer-controlled LED lights meant their HotSpring spa used up less energy than x1 standard light bulb.


3. Take an opportunity

Inclement winter weather means that you have to grab the opportunity to enjoy the outside air whenever you can. Many of the HotSpring owners preparing for winter cited our Connextion remote system as one of the main reasons they’re able to enjoy the restorative waters of their hot tub so often. It has heat, buoyancy and massage controls included, meaning you can pre-set the ultimate hydromassage spa experience to be ready when you arrive.


Owners top tip for winter – Maintain the water at your desired temperature if you use your hot tub frequently.



4. Create an atmosphere

Baby its cold outside… In the winter, when the darkness surrounds, it’s even more important to create an atmosphere. And the easiest way to do this is with music. Thankfully the Bluetooth® Wireless Technology behind our clever Hot Sound System means you can stream music from your own music library on your Bluetooth® enabled device.  And, if you’d rather leave your smart phone or tablet inside, our cutting-edge In-Home Wireless Dock allows you to connect virtually to any audio source you choose: iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 player, satellite/AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player, and to instantly transmit to your home spa. You can even change tracks, adjust volume and play or pause through the spa’s main control panel using your Apple® device.


5. Plan ahead

Great entertaining demands plenty of prep, and not just for your guests either. By planning ahead, you can kickback too and enjoy. Autumn and winter garden entertaining is the perfect opportunity to pre-make hearty bowls of hot dishes like curries, chilli or stew. Drinks can be a spiced affair, with pre-mixed cocktails or mulled wine including cinnamon and warming ginger. For desert why not stack up the fire pit, and allow guests to make the most of the flames toasting marshmallows.

And, don’t forget finishing touches! Fairy lights will brighten up a gloomy winter garden when threaded through the trees. And, our HotSpring owners also add to their winter garden retreat with shrubs, foliage and a few of their favourite garden plants. With pretty winter bloomers hamamelis, violas, bellis and all season privacy from conifers topping their chart.


To discover more about our range of HotSpring home spas, and how to create your own garden haven. Allowing you to reconnect with friends and family, and harness the powers of hydro massage all winter long, get in touch today.


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