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Over the past few weeks such major media outlets as the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Times and the BBC have been busy highlighting the UK’s growing trend for hot tubs. With an estimated 300,000 owners and users of hot tubs, despite the recession, these bubbly machines are continuing to increase in popularity.

Andrew Biggs, Managing Director of Watkins Manufacturing in the UK, which produces HotSpring spas in over 70 countries around the world, was also interviewed:

“a typical owner spends about £10,000 and buys one for health and relaxation…” Andrew told the press.

“Many of our buyers are families who enjoy spending quality time with each other. At the end of a long day, it is the ultimate de‑stresser.”

And there are many ways to de-stress. Recently on the BBC’s The One Show, Andrew Lloyd Webber was interviewed about his hot tub ownership. Also interviewed was a HotSpring owner, who enjoys playing inside the tub with a toy submarine! (we pride ourselves on the widely varying uses to which out hot tubs are sometimes put!)

Indeed, if they had been able to find a secure spot outside BBC television studios where they could have displayed one of our tubs, the One Show team would have conducted their interviews from inside a HotSpring spa.

The age of the hot tub in Britain is coming to maturity. People now realise there are distinct benefits to gaining stress relief, getting away from laptops and televisions, chilling out with family and friends. A quality hot tub gives an experience that can’t be beaten.

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