Stabilised Chlorine Granules


Sanitiser for hot tubs – easy to use ultra-fine graded chlorine granules.

Chlorine (specially graded for hot tubs) is a very effective sanitiser for all hot tubs. It is important that you have a level of free chlorine in your hot tub water before use to kill any bacteria and oxidise organic matter introduced in to the hot tub water by bathers.

Chlorine granules are the most popular method of introducing chlorine to hot tubs, as it allows greater flexibility to the dosing rate. The tablet form of chlorine for hot tubs relies on a floating dispenser and is not as measurable.

Recommended free chlorine levels for hot tubs is: 3-5 ppm
Prior to each use add approx one-half teaspoon of concentrated chlorine granules per 250 gallons water


Earn up to 200 Bonus Bubbles.

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