Salt for ACE & Freshwater


5kg Salt

Target reading for the ACE Salt water system is 1000ppm (750ppm – 1500ppm)

Your ACE salt reading should be at the upper end of the GREEN section on your HotSpring Control Panel.

DIRECTIONS: With the jets running, slowly add the directed amount of salt (see amounts below for your spa model) to the hot tub filter compartment, one cup at a time until all the salt is added.

Run the jets for an additional 5 minutes to ensure that the salt is totally dissolved.

NOTE: After adding the salt at start up, the water icon on your HotSpring Control Panel may continue to flash and the display may read ‘low salt’ if the water temperature is low. Allow 24 hours for the spa to come to temperature (100-104F) before testing or adding more salt.

SUMMIT hot tub – 1735 grams (approx 6 cups)
GRANDEE hot tub – 1735 grams (approx 6 cups)
ENVOY hot tub – 1630 grams (approx 5.75 cups)
ARIA hot tub – 1410 grams (approx 4.75 cups)
VANGUARD hot tub – 1500 grams (approx 5.25 cups)
SOVEREIGN hot tub – 1360 grams (approx 4.5 cups)
PRODIGY hot tub – 1225 grams (approx 4.25 cups)
JETSETTER hot tub – 820 grams (approx 2.75 cups)

ACE is our Salt Water Sanitising System which is unique and exlusive on HotSpring and Limelight Hot Tub Models Only.

DIAMONDS ARE A HOT TUBS BEST FRIEND: Using Diamond Technology to produce 5 natural cleansers, ACE wil keep your hot tub spa water feeling, looking and smelling great.

Learn more about our Ace Salt Water Sanitising System

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