Why Choose a Hot Tub?


This article explores two common reasons people choose a hot tub: stress-relief and social enjoyment. Focusing on these needs can help you narrow down the choice from the wide range of tubs available.

The ability to relax and escape the stresses and strains of everyday life is one of the main benefits provided by a quality hot tub. A great tub will relieve stress on demand, every day and night of the year – and will do so in just 15-20 minutes.


Stress can be divided into various elements – physical pain or injury, the pressures and demands of work and family life, and getting away from “couch potato” temptations such as hours spent watching TV or surfing the internet.

Physical pain often includes back problems, sports injuries, or general wear and tear. It’s worth taking a little time to consider these, because they will profoundly impact your hot tub use and the best model for the job. Severe back pain, for example, meands that you will need to get into and out of the tub easuly. This can be provided by a step area, and also by  useful mobility handles, which assist you in climbing safely in and out of the tub. A variety of seating should ergonomically place your back at different angles and provide different massages to specific muscle groups in your back. And many back injuries are also related to posture, so lower back support can be crucial. Different injuries demand different criteria, and experienced hot tub salespeople should be able to point out appropriate tubs based on specific needs.

Social Life

If you want your tub to improve family interaction or add a little spice to your social life, then a great focus is on space, design and comfort. A lounger, for example, can be superb for kicking back and relaxing. However, it does take up the space of two people, and upright seating shape might be more roomy. When family time and year-round fun are priorities, the placement of your tub is critical. By placing your tub near the house, you can use it all year round. If it’s close to your BBQ or in a deck area it will enhance your social life. In either case, it’s worth considering silent water filtration so that nobody is disturbed at night, or will  know the tub is being filtered when the cover is on and you’re enjoying your barbie!

We recommend booking a hot tub test soak, where you can try a range of models. All reputable hot tub showrooms will provide a number of models that are kept piping hot and welcoming. A future blog will guide you on how to maximise your test soak experience.

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