Why Buy a Hot Tub? (3)


To escape the stresses that can result from our busy lives, we often distract ourselves with hours spent watching TV or surfing the Internet. Whilst such activities can be a fun, they often involve a marked level of passivity, as well as lack of conversation.

Indeed, a BBC News article, “Is TV delaying child development?’ published on 2 June 2009, stated: “New research suggests having the TV on may impair young children’s development by reducing the amount of conversation between infant and adult.” (For more on this interesting subject, go to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8078763.stm).

In contrast, soaking inside a beautiful, bubbling hot tub creates a deeply enjoyable experience, unlike any other in the home, for every member of the family. The quality time that results can lead to discussions on a deeper level than usual.

A hot tub provides the perfect escape, not only from stress, but also from the accompanying “couch potato” syndrome. Discover the joy of a hot tub, and rediscover the art of meaningful conversation.


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