Water Features

The sight and sound of running water can be exceptionally calming, which is why innovative water features are included on most hot tub models. They can be enjoyed in “tranquility mode” or with the hot tub jets activated.

Bellafontana® Water Feature

The elegant BellaFontana® water feature, enhanced by the rich colors of our Luminescence® Lighting system, adds to the ultimate enjoyment of your Hot Spring hot tub experience.

“Spa innovation at it’s best”

Soothingstream™ Water Feature

The SoothingStream™ water feature delivers a gentle flow of water, backlit with a subtle LED light.

Appeal to all your senses to create an enriched relaxation experience.

“Enriched relaxation”

Impact and Elegance

All these features also make a visual statement – turning your hot tub into a piece of functional art and your garden into a tranquil oasis!

This coupled with the beautiful lighting and invigorating jets leaves you never wanting to leave your own personal water wonderland.

“Your tranquil oasis”

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