Tips on how to throw hot tub parties


At the end of a troublesome and tiring day, there is nothing quite like getting into your own spa, turning on the jets, cranking up the temperature, and relaxing without a care in the world.

However, when the weekend rolls around, your hot tub can also double up as the focal point of a party, where old friends and new acquaintances get together while having a drink or two.

But how can you make hot tub parties even more fun and memorable? Here are some top tips on what to do:

Come up with a definitive guest list

Putting a limit on the number of attendees might sound a bit boring, but you have to remember that hot tubs can only hold a certain amount of people. So, if guests keep on arriving, there is a chance that some might not be able to enjoy your spa.

Another option is to have a rotation system in place where guests take it in turns to soak in your spa. Again, this might seem a bit like ‘organised fun’ but will ensure everybody gets a go.

Clean your hot tub beforehand

Hopefully you regularly clean your spa anyway and always stay on top of things like water balance and sanitation. However, now is the perfect time to properly clean your spa, as your guests won’t want to hop into stagnant or smelly water!

Use a specialist spa flush product to get rid of any residue in your hot tub’s pipes and then drain the spa completely using a small sump pump to speed things up. After that, clean the surface, refill with fresh water, and then adjust the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels.  These hot tub cleaning tips should help you keep your spa in order!

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Have bathing suits and towels ready for guests to use

Some guests will forget to bring their bathing suit to your party, while others might not like the idea of getting in a hot tub altogether. But to provide for those that fail to remember their swimming kit or simply realise the fun they are missing out on, have some spares close to hand just in case!

The same goes for towels as well, which you can never have enough of. Guests will want to get warm and dry off as quickly as possible after getting out of your hot tub.

Get the food and drink right

Food and drinks are essential elements of many parties, but guests won’t want to feel too full or bloated if they are swimming around in a hot tub. For this reason, stick to light finger food or a buffet style menu.

Although many party guests are likely to want a few alcoholic beverages too, it is important that everybody drinks plenty of water, as dehydration and hot tub use go hand in hand.

Provide some additional entertainment

Guests waiting to get in your spa as well as those that would prefer to keep most of their clothes on for the night will need to be entertained in another way. Therefore, provide some other things to do that will keep the party in full swing outside of the water.

Ideas include having card or board games to play, creating a music playlist or booking a DJ to spin some party tunes, and hiring a photo-booth or even photo taxi to capture those special memorable moments.


Contact your nearest HotSpring World Showroom for more ideas on how to make a real splash with your guests.

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