Top tips for hot tub happiness!


One online “deal” we know of recently resulted in a customer buying a hot that ended up costing over £70 a week to run. An equivalent HotSpring hot tub costs just £5 a week.

Where did this customer go wrong? Why do sensible people make mistakes when shopping for hot tubs? Do they abandon common sense, or are they fooled by unscrupulous dealers?

There are a couple of little-known factors that might influence hot tub decision-making. I’d like to discuss them and decrease poor buying decisions, because I want everyone to own an excellent hot tub, providing them years of pure pleasure. Above all else, I believe that “hot tub ambassadors,” promoting the values of quality hot tub will do most to effectively develop our industry.

People find it tough to choose between hot tubs for three main reasons:

1. Although hot tubs have been in the UK for some 20 years, the market is much less developed than the car market. People don’t necessarily recognize quality through brand name alone. This can make choosing between competing products problematic.

2. To some people, the inside of all hot tubs looks pretty similar. And it’s true, lot of what makes a great tub happens “under the hood,” hidden from view.

3. Inadequately trained hot tub sales people focus customers on such subjects as number of jets, horsepower of pumps, size of motors, and the “amazing deal” they have. None of these factors necessarily make a great spa. (I will examine in more detail the jet, pump, and motor question in a future blog).

In addition, some people make impulse purchases of hot tubs online or fall prey to unscrupulous, aggressive hot tub dealers: these are traps for the unwary.

Given all of this, what’s the solution?

1. Only buy from a reputable hot tub company, that’s been established for a long time, and has industry recognition.

2. Visit a showroom to see, feel and try out your hot tub: never buy online without having first done so.

3. Don’t be fooled by the “jet, pump, motor, great deal” sales equation. Look instead for a sales professional who advises you based on your needs, not their agenda.

By putting these three simple steps in place, you will join the growing ranks of customer currently enjoying many of the benefits of hot tubs, without experiencing any of the pains.

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