The Secret of Hot Tub Happiness (2)


In a previous blog, I addressed some issues around carrying out initial research in what can at times be the murky world of hot tubs (forgive the pun!).

This blog gives advice to you before you cross the threshold from “click” (online research) to “brick” (visiting a hot tub showroom in person).

Once you’ve narrowed your potential hot tub purchase to two or three contenders by using internet research and other methods indicated in my earlier blog, then comes the task of visiting their showrooms. For some people, this can prove daunting: after all, none of us relish heavy-handed sales people or high-pressure sales tactics.

Despite researching, some hot tub shoppers remain uncertain how to differentiate between excellent and poorly constructed products. Others find hot tubs hard to separate simply on the basis of their look or overall design. A third group are confused about what makes an excellent hot tub.

Here are four common-sense suggestions that will help clear up any confusion:

1. Check the hot tub fittings, cabinet, jets and shell to make sure the tub is well made. There should be no loose or badly fitting parts anywhere in or around the tub. The sturdiness and overall finish of the hot tub are indicators of its quality.

2. Check the cleanliness of both the hot tub and the showroom. The hot tubs should be spotless, shining and sexy! The showroom should be clean, tidy and professional. They say never judge by first impressions – this is one time where you might consider doing so. After all, if the sales people can’t be bothered to keep their products clean or their showrooms tidy, what does this say about them and their products? What might it say about their level of care after you make a purchase?

3. Sit inside the hot tub, either wet or dry. Make sure it’s a comfortable experience for you, and bear in mind any others who will be using the tub. You might have found the best hot tub for you, but it must be a comfortable experience for everyone, every time they use it.

4. Feel all the jets: you’re looking for power and comfort, so rest your hand or arm in place for some time to get a sense of how the jets feel. You should look for a variety of massages, as well as an ability to customize the massage – many people prefer a vigorous massage to begin with, followed by a gentler massage, and then a good soak in warm water without the jets on. Remember, it’s not necessarily the number of jets that define quality, but how enjoyable the jets are for you.

Using these four guidelines, you’ll be able to eliminate poorly made, uncomfortable, poorly jetted or unprofessionally presented hot tubs.

You will be well on your way to finding your ideal hot tub.

Watch out for further blogs along this theme: our aim is to demystify any hot tub confusion, to bring you clarity so you can relax in the pure, clear water of your chosen hot tub.


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