Seven Ways We Make Hot Tubs Environmentally Friendly


Here are seven ways we make our Hot Tubs Green:

  1. We were the first hot tub company in America to produce proven energy efficiency by using third party testing in America, and more recently, in Europe.
  2. A hot tub shell is cut from a large sheet of acrylic, a highly valuable raw material that contains petroleum. We recycle any acrylic residues that result from the production of our hot tub shells, and in this way we ensure that every single part of the acrylic is used, rather than being unnecessarily (and wastefully) discarded.
  3. In the same way, we recycle metal waste material, which is converted into new products
  4. In our central manufacturing facility in California we reuse and recycle office supplies, stationery, and other materials
  5. Our hot tub panels and doors use synthetic material, which are not only easy to clean, but also save precious trees
  6. At our manufacturing facility, we produce electricity through our own generators. This not only reduces demand on the power grid, but also avoids problems associated with Californian power outages. Our generators make us highly efficient, because we never have to shut down our facilities or slow down production
  7. Our “Green Team” is dedicated to putting into action further environmentally-friendly initiatives as we forge ahead into 2012

So, when it comes to hot tubs, you can relax knowing you are joining HotSpring World, part of a truly environmentally friendly family…


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