Save money with regular hot tub servicing and maintenance


Thanks to all the very real boons and benefits that hot tub ownership can provide, it is easy to forget about your servicing and maintenance responsibilities. However, this should be one of your top priorities, as regular hot tub servicing and maintenance can not only save you money, but also increase its longevity.

There are few things you need to do on a daily basis, except for testing the water before use according to pH and sanitizer readings. However, on a month-by-month basis you should perform a few essential maintenance duties.

With the help of Hot Tub Assist from Hot Spring World, you can also rest assured that any servicing requirements will be carried out with the utmost professional competency too.

Hot tub maintenance

Generally speaking, the following should be carried out every month. However, you may need to adjust these intervals according to your spa size and daily usage.

Add a clarifying agent as per the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain water clarity. You may also need to add a scale and stain-inhibiting agent, but on a different day.

Remove and clean the filter cartridge using an acidic, degreasing solution before washing gently and allowing to dry. Avoid hosing off the cartridge, as this can increase the legionella risk.

Use an oxidising agent or ‘shock dose’ with non-chlorine shock to eliminate any dirt after heavy use. A super-chlorinate with a quick dissolving calcium hypochlorite can also be used to remove bacteria from stubborn stains.

Every three months, completely drain the hot tub and clean the inside of the shell with a product specifically designed for hot tubs. Do not use domestic cleaning products, as they are not fit for purpose.

Refill your hot tub using a hosepipe with trigger that adheres to regulations, thus helping you save money and conserve water.

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Hot tub servicing

At Hot Spring World, the delivery, installation, and servicing of our products is carried out by a carefully selected, highly specialised group of technicians known as Hot Tub Assist (HTA).

As approved professionals in the delivery, installation, and servicing of hot tubs, HTA has earned a strong reputation in the industry. Trained to the highest level by Watkins Manufacturing, makers of Hot Spring products, HTA will always be on hand to support you through your hot tub buying and owning experience.

HTA consists of:

Delivery – Using a specialised fleet of vehicles including Hiab crane lorries, HTA can provide hassle-free delivery even where there are obstacles or access issues

Moving – Even if you decide to move house after installation or want your hot tub positioned in a sunnier spot outside, HTA can help you relocate with the greatest of ease

Warranty – Enjoy maximum peace of mind with our full manufacturer’s warranty, which includes no call out charges should you encounter any problems

Servicing – HTA’s experienced and adept engineers will ensure your hot tub keeps working properly, which can save you money in terms of efficiency and the avoidance of unforeseen repairs

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