Our Modular proves there's more to life than commuting


Harry and Sally live in a semi-detached home. Although they both have jobs, there’s one crucial difference: Harry drives, and Sally works from home.

Their day begins…

When Harry drags himself out of bed at the crack of dawn. After eating breakfast on the go, he drives at a snail’s pace past endless lines of traffic cones and road works.

Meanwhile, back home, Sally hits the snooze alarm and spends another fifteen minutes relaxing.

Harry crawls along in a queue of cars and lorries, along with countless irate commuters. Getting to work seems a distant prospect.

After a leisurely breakfast, Sally pads out to the garden and slips inside her warm, luxurious Modular, set up as her ideal home office space. She has a Skype conference call with her boss to confirm her tasks. All goes smoothly, and Sally feels trusted and valued.

Harry finally makes it into work an hour late.

He apologizes profusely to his boss, who doesn’t look too impressed. Cramped inside his claustrophobic cubicle, Harry attempts to meet a deadline, but constant interruptions and management meetings eat into his precious time.

With her favourite music in the background, Sally flips her phone to silent mode and sets to work with a relaxed, yet focused concentration. When she’s finished, she takes a cup of tea onto her decked terrace and contemplates her beautiful garden.

Harry contemplates the bland walls of his cubicle. With piles of paperwork littering his desk, Harry begins to question the meaning of existence…

As the world’s largest hot tub distributor..

We were intrigued initially by the Modular’s sister product, the Cube, a contemporary and stylish alternative to hot tub shelters. What both Cube and Modular bring is true inspiration to almost any garden. The Modular not only serves as a home office, but with optional sauna, wet room, terraced area, sliding glass doors and customized sliding screens, it’s an ideal children’s play area, art or music room, a great space to exercise or hold social events whatever the weather. Indeed, multiple Modular Studios can even be fitted together to make a granny flat!

More people in Britain than ever are now working from home. Major companies like British Telecom are capitalizing on the fact that home working proves beneficial to both employees and employers. More info here.

“Research shows that people who work from home are invariably more productive than those who spend all their working time in offices”

..They get more done in less time. Home workers also save time and money by not commuting, so they not only avoid stress but can significantly lower their carbon footprint.

So, why not be like Sally, and work smart and play smarter, instead of being stuck like Harry in endless traffic, wasting precious hours on motorways and in crowded trains and platforms?

You can learn more about our Modular and Cube designs at www.cubeuk.co.uk.

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