Why Your Hot Tub Should be Future Proof


They say nobody can predict the future, but one of the most irritating aspects of fast-paced technological changes is that no sooner have we bought a product than it’s out of date. This is especially true with products like computers and mobile phones.

However, hot tubs should be made to last a lifetime. That’s why we do our level best to ensure our tubs are made with an awareness of all those cutting edge innovations that we’re renowned for.

What does all this mean for you?

Well, you can relax, knowing that when we introduce new technology, your hot tub will already be pre-set for an upgrade, should you wish to take advantage of it.

We value our customers as part of a worldwide family, and remain concerned for their welfare as well as their enjoyment. One recent example will illustrate this point. This month, the makers of HotSpring spas – Watkins Manufacturers, based in Vista, California – announced that our revolutionary ACE salt water sanitizing system can be fitted to all HotSpring hot tubs made from 2004 onwards (and even earlier in some cases).

Why is this great news for existing HotSpring owners?

Because our patent pending ACE system creates five powerful sanitizers using a combination of salt and diamond technology, resulting in water that looks great, feels great, and smells great. As well as being a pleasurable experience for you, ACE is also beneficial for the environment.

So, as you consider the wide range of hot tubs on the market, ask yourself and your hot tub dealer if their tubs are made with your future in mind.