Why Follow the Hot Tub Crowd?


Over the years we have been in business in both the UK and across the world, we have spoken to literally thousands of people on the point of buying a hot tub.

Unfortunately, sometimes people make their final decision based on criteria that aren’t the most crucial. One such decision is to go with whichever dealer happens to be located closest to them.

Some customers believe a dealer close to home will provide good service and back-up.

We would say – beware false reasoning!

Whilst many hot tub dealers are keen to provide good service some, perhaps naively, enter the hot tub market with great intentions but subsequently prove unable to deliver on their promises. When I started in the industry, I sold accessories for many brands of hot tub. Customers told me tales of companies that never answered their phone, charged exorbitant rates for call outs, or took months to supply faulty components. Sadly, this tale of woe continues today.

We’ve sold around 875,000 hot tubs in over 60 countries. Wherever we are located, we pride ourselves on providing second-to-none service and backup for all our customers, whether old or new. When it comes to buying a hot tub, you might do worse than follow the crowd!