Why Buy a Hot Tub? (2)


When you stop to think about it, there are very few products around our homes that instantly reduce the effect of gravity. The only other product that is close to achieving the feat is a bath, but who wants to wait ten minutes until it’s full, only to discover it’s far too hot to get in?

With a hot tub, whenever you want relief from gravity at a temperature that’s perfectly suited to you, just flip open your cover and climb in. Seconds later, you’ll be floating in a watery world of wonder. A hot tube reduces the pull of gravity by 90 percent, allowing you to experience the wonder of weightlessness without having to to take a rocket to the moon!

On a more serious note, there are distinct benefits of reducing gravity. First and foremost, every joint and muscle in your body gains relief, and as a result, they will work more smoothly and efficiently. This, combined with the heat and massage that a hot tub provides, improves blood circulation, feeding your muscles and loosening any stiff joints. After just ten to fifteen minutes, not only will you feel a lot better, but you’ll move with the grace of a jungle cat!

So, if you want reach for the stars, become a “spa star.” There’s nothing as mind-blowing as the thrill of owning your very own anti-gravity machine.