We follow the construction of a CUBE…


We have been excited here at HotSpring World Hot Tubs to keep track of an installation in Chiswick of a CUBE.

It turns out that Rupert Barksfield and his wife are keen bloggers so have been writing a blog of their experiences of refurbishing their new home in Chiswick.

Mr & Mrs Barksfield were interested in a Garden Building and chose to purchase a CUBE after falling in love with the EasyHome collection.

“We’ve bought into the easyhome way of building now tho and would love our next project to be one of their ‘XXL’ where if you have the space you can build an entire home for £80k! Unlikely in london but here’s hoping”

We are keeping an eye out for the finished project and are sure it will look fantastic when it is all complete.

Contact your local Showroom to get more information about the CUBE or read more information here. http://cubeuk.co.uk/