Top tips on how to clean your hot tub


Despite the fact that some HotSpring World spas feature the innovative ACE salt water sanitising hot tub system, which generates powerful natural cleaners to keep the water feeling, looking, and smelling great, you will still occasionally need to get your cleaning gloves on. 

However, the process of cleaning a hot tub can take next to no time and doesn’t have to feel like a chore either, especially if you follow these top tips.

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Cleaning your hot tub or spa

  • The whole spa – When it comes to cleaning your whole spa, remember to use a mild non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleaner, otherwise you might cause some damage. To remove a build-up of dirt, use a soft rag or nylon scrubber.
  • The vinyl cover – First of all you should remove the cover and spray lightly with a garden hose to remove any dirt or debris. Using a mild soap solution, you can then scrub the vinyl in a circular motion with a large sponge. Rinse again with a garden hose but don’t forget the bottom of the cover, which should be wiped clean with a dry rag and no cleaning product.
  • Minor marks and blemishes – If you notice any minor marks or blemishes, you will do no harm to the spa’s surface by cleaning with common baking soda found in your kitchen cupboard.

Cleaning your spa filter cartridges

  • Spray them – Seeing as mineral particles or calcification from hard water can clog your spa filters, it makes sense to occasionally spray them with a garden hose. Rotate while spraying to remove dirt or debris between filter pleats.
  • Clean them – To keep your spa filters clean and in prime working condition, consider use FreshWater® Instant Filter Cleaner or FreshWater® Filter Cleaner, which are both available from HotSpring World.
  • Replace them – Even if your spa filters appear clean and fully operational, you should replace them every three years with genuine Watkins replacements to ensure the water keeps running through smoothly.

Replacing your spa water

  • Drain and refill – It is important to drain and refill your spa water every three months, as soaps and detergents can build up over time, causing residue in the hot tub system and pipes. This is also why it makes sense to always shower before you get into your hot tub. Follow the instructions in your Owner’s Manual when draining and refilling.
  • Get a pre-filter – To ensure your spa water is as clean as possible when refilling, use the CleanScreen™ Pre-Filter, which helps remove organic contaminants and metals, including iron and copper.
  • Attach your pre-filter – All you need to do with your CleanScreen Pre-Filter is attach it to an ordinary garden hose before refilling at low pressure to gain maximum effect. It will last approximately 5-6 complete hot tub water changes.

HotSpring World has a wide range of other products in stock, such as test strips, algae controllers, scale inhibitors, and foam reducers, to keep your water super fresh and sparkling clean.

With all these great cleaning aids on offer, there is no reason why your spa should not sparkle like a diamond, night and day!