Six Little Known Ways to Save on Your Hot Tub Heating Bill


At HotSpring World we use six routes to produce one of the world’s most efficient hot tubs. Although many of these innovations add to the initial price of a hot tub, over the years of use they significantly reduce overall costs.

Some of these methods aren’t obvious, so this blog demystifies what can sometimes be a confusing area:

1. Insulation.

In our humble opinion, there is no better way to conserve energy than by correctly insulating a hot tub. In HotSpring hot tubs, we employ multiple layers of foam to ensure the lowest possible energy consumption.

2. Covers.

Our hot tub covers are custom-made, and so precisely fit your hot tub, they form a vacuum seal that retains heat year round. And for years to come.

3. Base.

We all know that heat rises, but a surprising amount of heat can be lost through the base of a hot tub, if it is not fully foamed and sealed. All our models are sealed to prevent heat escaping from the base of your hot tub.

4. Heater and other components.

We aim to achieve powerful delivery to our hot tub jets, whilst keeping the heater Kw and pump / motor HP ratings as low as possible…


Because the lower the energy consumption, the more money you save over the lifetime of your hot tub.

We urge customers to take a straightforward and common sense approach to deconstructing energy costs by simply examining the heater Kw, pump(s) HP, and overall amps drawn by a hot tub. The higher the figures are, the more energy will be consumed.

5. Air blowers.

We avoid air blowers for 4 main reasons:

a. When first turned on, blowers produce a stream of cold air, which isn’t too pleasant, and which significantly lowers water temperature.

b. Although air blowers create a lot of bubbles, they provide no hydrotherapy, which is only produced by air and water, or by water alone.

c. Bacteria love two things in combination:
      – Warm water
– Air inside the pipe work.

We have no air inside our pipework, but instead draw air from the outside environment, run it past our heaters so that warm air streams through our jets at the touch of a button.

d. Air blowers require additional motors, which equals higher electricity bills.

6. Pump shroud.

The unique system takes heat from our pumps and uses it to heat water inside your tub, once again saving you money.

Consider this…

Taken together, we believe the above six factors are crucial when considering a hot tub purchase. We are never complacent, but we believe one reason we have reached a million customers is because they can relax, even in times of increasing energy prices, safe in the knowledge that their hot tubs provide enjoyment combined with true efficiency.