Open or Closed?


It’s generally thought to be better to be open rather than closed. When it comes to hot tubs, however, the opposite is true- closed is best! This blog explains why.

In today’s environment, we’ve noticed many more customers questioning us concerning the running costs of hot tubs.

Here’s how we deal with the efficiency question:

Firstly, there are two types of insulation available – either foam or air. We prefer foam, because it’s a much better insulator than air (and for other reasons, explained a bit later).

Secondly, there are two different types of foam – either open or closed cell. We prefer closed cell, because it has much better insulation properties and is also water resistant. Open cell foam lets heat escape and is porous – which can be a problem in the water-based environment of hot tubs.

Third and lastly, there are different densities of closed cell foam. The higher the density, the greater the insulation – and the less power consumed during usage. We use closed cell foam that ranges from ½ lb to 40lb density, which seals the base of our spas and which makes them truly efficient.

We do the work filling your hot tub with foam, so you can relax, knowing your energy consumption won’t stress you.

There’s one other great reason we love full foam insulation. It adds strength to your hot tub and increases its life expectancy.

So, when it comes to the world of hot tubs, we suggest you prefer the closed, as opposed to the open You’ll thank us for years to come.