Leading Hot Tubs Manufacturer Wins Innovation of the Year Award


The ACE Salt Water Sanitising System has been a revelation for many hot tubs customers, solving a real problem of keeping the water clean and clear.

“The recognition is especially rewarding for our team who worked tirelessly to get such a game-changing advancement to market.”

The system has now received the recognition it deserves by winning a prestigious award from MASCO, Watkins Manufacturers parent company for ‘developing most compelling innovation’.

Shown in the image are the Watkins Executives, proudly holding the award.

Left to Right: Chris Peavey, VP, Finance (CFO); Leo Hamacher, VP, Int’l Sales & Marketing; Steve Hammock, President; Joe Lalor, Director, IT; Sandra Shuda, VP, Human Resources; Roger Lamberson, VP, Operations; Mike Dunn, Executive VP.

The ACE System has many benefits by keeping your hot tub fresh and crystal clear, this can be purchased as an added extra when purchasing your hot tub.

“The life of your spa water is extended and leaves your hot tub water feeling great, looking great and smelling great!”

Having the ACE, you will benefit from the below:

  • Low Salt Levels
  • Less Chemicals
  • Less Maintenance