Exercising in Hot Tubs


We have described many hot tub benefits in previous blogs, and also addressed hot tub exercise for arthritis sufferers. However, there are many people who exercise in their hot tubs, and we recommend that if this interests you, do take the time to consult a doctor first, to ensure no medical conditions might preclude or limit the type of exercise you should attempt.

Why is exercise inside a hot tub beneficial?

Warm water and buoyancy in your hot tub not only makes exercise enjoyable, but can also prevent injuries that might result from exercising in the open air or gymnasium. In addition, the resistance provided by the water can help build muscle and endurance strength, without the risks sometimes associated with other resistance training. However, a gentle series of stretches and rotational movements of arms and legs can help alleviate aches and pains, as well as improve circulation.

Many arthritis sufferers find hot tub exercises beneficial.
(For more information about exercise for arthritis sufferers, as well as guidance from the arthritis foundation, see our previous blog: https://www.hotspringworld.co.uk/blog/hot-tub-exercise-for-arthritis/).

Getting Started

For those interested in vigorous exercise, underwater bicycle motions or jogging movements can easily be accomplished, as well as legs raises and side raises. And the truly athletically inclined can add weights to increase resistance – indeed, there are a number of weights and other fitness equipment specifically made for water-based exercise.

Of course, it’s important to remain fully hydrated, so drink plenty of water, and start any regime gently, so as to get accustomed to exercising in warm water. There are a wide range of exercises available, depending on one’s level of fitness, and the massage provided by jets following a mini-workout can also prevent the build up of lactic acid that can lead to soreness in the limbs.

When it comes to your hot tub experience, you can choose to use it in whatever way works best for you: and water-based exercise not only gives enjoyment to many of our customers, but also contributes to their fitness and good health.