Hot Tub Exercise for Arthritis


We all know that arthritis can be very painful, we have found a very helpful guide on the Arthritis Foundation site about how exercising in water can be very effective and how much it can boost your self-esteem.
The post from the Arthritis Foundation can be found here. 

We have narrowed down the vital parts of the article and have highlighted the key points below:

Why should I exercise in the water?

  • Being in warm water will ease your muscles and relieve the tension and stiffness.
  • The warm water will increase your body temperature and increase your circulation.
  • Exercising in water is a gentle, easy way of keeping joints and muscles relaxed.
  • The water supports the joints and encourages free movement.
  • The jets in the hot tub will help massage your muscles.

Exercising at Home in your Hot Tub

The size and shape of your hot tub will determine what exercises you will be able to do in your hot tub.

You may be limited to only being to stretch and work smaller muscles and joint groups.

Any size and shape hot tub will definitely benefit the symptoms and effects of arthritis, lay back and relax in the hot bubbles and feel your pain float away.

Hot Tub Safety

Some important tips to remember when using your hot tub:

  • Do not have your hot tub temperature too hot, a mild heat is just as effective.
  • You should feel soothed by the warm water, it should not feel too hot.
  • New hot tubbers should vary time spent in the hot tub and temperatures of the water to find the most comfortable temperature.
  • Children and the elderly will over heat quicker so less soaking time should be taken into consideration.

Medical Precautions

  • Remember, some may need a hand getting in and out of the hot tub so be aware that someone else may need to be around when you are hot tubbing.
  • If you have any heart conditions or other medical conditions check with your doctor before purchasing a hot tub.
  • A thermometer is a great accessory to purchase when you have your hot tub, ensuring the temperature is not too hot or too cold.
  • If whilst hot tubbing you feel ill or light headed you should get out of the hot tub immediately.

Hot Tub Exercises

  • Flexibility
    – Stretching in your hot tub.
  • Strengthening
    – Gently moving your joints.
  • Aerobic
    – Moving around in your hot tub.

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