Experience a slice of outdoor affluence with a garden hot tub


With summer fast approaching, more and more people are busy getting their gardens prepared for the warm and sunnier months. Even though the Great British weather is unpredictable at best, the pleasant temperatures of late spring and early summer mean the population has its fingers crossed for the coming months too.

But while most green-fingered enthusiasts will be busy mowing the lawn, pruning their hedges, and firing up the barbecue, householders with a penchant for outdoor opulence are eyeing up garden hot tubs instead.

They are clearly an indication of style and sophistication, as property developers and estate agents of city penthouses and country houses now consider them essential additions. Even celebrities have admitted to falling in love with the relaxing and satisfying qualities of a garden hot tub too!


Proliferation of hot tubs

In the UK it is difficult to ignore the increasing popularity of hot tubs in peoples gardens. This is especially true with London’s luxury housing market, with top-end developers now viewing hot tubs as must have accessories in multi-million pound penthouses.

Take 3 Merchant Square, Paddington Basin for example, which affords a remarkable view across W2’s canals from the comfort of a bubbling spa on the decked terrace. As Alex Greaves, associate director of residential development at CBRE explains: “The hot tub is a great piece of added luxury. They bring that element of prestige.”

As well as enjoying popularity among penthouse property developers, home spas are also a sought after addition to country houses and “swanky flats” too, with searches for hot tubs rising by 250 per cent in December 2014 compared with a year before. Holiday Lettings recently reported that hot tubs are one of the most asked-for features in luxury UK holiday homes too.

WKNL0438-2“They are definitely a tick box for the international super rich and some houses have two – one inside next to the swimming pool as a built-in spa, and one outside as a “feature” area,” notes Alex Newall from property advisors Hanover Private Office.

Owning a garden hot tub

From these comments and commendations, you might think that hot tubs are exclusively reserved for members of high society. However, it is possible for anyone to experience a slice of outdoor affluence with a garden hot tub.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about ruining your outdoor aesthetic with a home spa either, as one of the country’s best-loved gardeners has weighed in to the hot tub debate.

“Gone are the days when they were seen only as a facility for fostering dodgy relationships on The Only Way is Essex, or in the Big Brother House,” Alan Titchmarsh wrote in the Telegraph Gardening supplement after buying a house on the Isle of Wight with a hot tub installed in the garden.

“At six-o-clock in the evening we slid beneath the warm and foaming waters, glass in hand, to watch the yachts glide by, he adds. “Our prejudices, for some strange reason, were simply washed away.”

So there you have it, if hot tubs are good enough for Alan Titchmarsh’s garden then they are surely good enough for yours!