Can a hot tub really be budget-friendly?


You might associate hot tubs with high running costs, and worry about their green credentials. But a home spa doesn’t have to be solar powered to be budget and eco-friendly.


So, seeing as our HotSpring World spas set the gold standard in terms of energy-efficient tubs (all models are approved by the California Energy Commission, the final word in energy efficient standards) we decided to put together this check list. Read on, and then enjoy your rejuvenating soak. Safe in the knowledge that your relaxation is gentle on your wallet, and the environment.


Maximise energy efficiency.  Purchase a new home spa during September and receive £995 of eco spa accessories – Find out more


The energy smart spa check list…


1. Cabinet insulation

Invest in high density insulation to keep the heat where you want it, in the water!

Highlife Collection models are designed with multiple layers of polyurethane foam (the same type that’s used to insulate commercial freezers). And Limelight Collection home spas are packed with innovative FibreCor insulation (roughly 4 times more insulation than the foam used on most spas).

TIP – It’s more budget and eco-friendly to maintain the water at your desired temperature if you use your hot tub frequently.


2. Cover

Lock in warm air.

All HotSpring World spa covers have a custom-fit tight seal and a dense foam core with a high R-value for insulation.  Add a cover lifter to prevent unnecessary damage and keep thermal insulation intact.

TIP – Clean your spa cover each month to avoid cracking. This will ensure it deliver maximum insulation and aids energy efficiency.


3. Circulation pump

Choose low watt pumps with intelligent power management options.

HotSpring World SilentFlo 5000 uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb. The impressive WaveMaster jet pumps only activate when you need them, the SmartJet system lets you select specific jets for less horsepower and energy consumption.  And our patented pump shroud ingeniously transfers heat from the equipment compartment back into the water.

TIP – Avoid using jet pumps for circulation.  They use far more power than a continuous circulation pump and are far noisier too!


Maximise energy efficiency.  Purchase a new home spa during September and receive £995 of eco spa accessories – Find out more


4. Lighting

Trust in low energy LED lights.  Six or seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights they can cut energy use by more than 80 percent, and can have a useful life of 25,000 hours or more.

Featuring dimmer-controlled LED lights, all HotSpring World spas use less total energy on lighting than x1 standard light bulb.

According to eco expert and The Guardian columnist Lucy Siegel eco hot tubs are not just greenwash.  “An energy-efficient hot tub uses 7 to 11 fewer kWh per day than its rivals”. Enough she reports to take some of the environmental heat out of your back-garden hot tub.
So, the evidence is clear.  Thanks to innovative technology HotSpring World hot tubs are more energy-efficient than ever before, and can now be run from as little as a few pounds per month. In fact, for the same running cost as a domestic fridge.


Try our HOT TUB ENERGY COST CALCULATOR and discover what a hot tub would cost you per month – Find out more


If you’d like to join the one in ten Britons who relax in the restorative waters of their own home spa, then your next step should be a visit to your local Hot Spring UK showroom.

By talking through key factors, including the type of spa you intend to buy, ambient temperature in your area, the temperature of the water, frequency of use and cost of electricity where you live, you’ll be able to make a decision that matches your budget and your ethics. get in touch today.



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