Corporate Social Responsibilities


About 25 years ago it was realised that corporate entities were not just simply in business to make a profit but the concept of stakeholders around the business was born.  These included employees, customers, suppliers, the banks and shareholders and last but not least the community environment in which the company operates.


A socially responsible business does not exist in isolation but operates in the community in a way which goes beyond the minimum requirement of merely existing to make a profit.  It was soon found that getting a  reputation for community involvement could be beneficial to the business, and that many people would sooner deal with companies that were acting in a socially responsible manner.  Behaving in an ethical way benefits both the business and the community at large.


At HotSpring World we try and uphold these ideals and have been very active in reaching out to the community where help is needed.  Two examples of this in recent months are our Make a Wish Campaign, in which we helped children facing life threatening illnesses, and more recently our Nottingham showroom has been working with The Nottingham Children’s Hospital to collect donations of easter eggs, toys and money towards new treatment equipment. 


We at Hotspring World will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards of business ethics, charitable work and community involvement. 


Although hot tubs and spas may often be seen as an exotic luxury product, there are considerable health benefits in terms of stress relief, therapeutic benefits for  rheumatism and arthritis and sheer relaxation after a hard day in this busy world we live in.