A Winter Hot Tub is the Best Hot Tub!


As I stated in a previous blog, (Hot Tub Holiday Season) for people who have never experienced hot tubs during the winter months, at first the idea might seem strange. For customers who use their hot tubs during colder months, many tell us there’s no better time of the year!

What to consider when using your hot tubs during the winter:

Stress Less!

We often get more stressed during the winter. Physically our bodies tense against the cold, and emotionally we can tend to feel a bit down with our infamous British grey skies. What better time to use a hot tub? that will relax you physically, and get all those natural “happy chemicals” – endorphins – whizzing round your system.

Location, Location, Location…

One key aspect to successful hot tub use in winter is where you put the tub in your garden. Ideally, go for one of these two set-ups:

a. Have the tub close to your house, so you can slip out of your lounge, conservatory or kitchen and straight onto your decking, patio or garden, slip off your robe and into warm, welcoming water.

b. Have your hot tub at the end of the garden, with a large enough protected space to get changed. We offer some great solutions here for making the most of your garden space and getting the most out of your hot tub.

Stargaze away!

Once your body is immersed in water, you won’t feel the cold. What difference if it’s raining or even snowing when you are already in water? What better way is there to see the stars on clear night skies?

So, chill out after a hard day’s work, take time to chat with family or friends, knowing you can enjoy your hut tubs all through the winter.