10 More Reasons to Own a Hot Tub


1. Family Focus

Instead of coach potato syndrome, or everyone in their own rooms, just flip the cover open, turn on the lights and music, and before you know it you’ll have all the entire family surrounding you in a naturally attractive environment

2. Romantic Liaisons

Set the lights, set the mood, fill the space with exotic aromas, and before you know it, your hot tub can be a great place for stirring those feelings of love…

3. Sports Arena

With an integrated hot tub flat screen, a resonant sound system and the best in wireless technology that can beam you any TV programme, you could be watching anything from the Tour de France to the World Cup from the comfort of your very own hot tub sports arena

4. Morning Refresher

Just set the jets, and allow them to work their magic. Whilst birds chirp and the sun rises, there’s no more harmonious and natural way to wash away your sleep and prepare yourself for the day to come.

5. Acquaint Children with Water

Some of our hot tub customers have taught their children to swim using a tub. Provided they are supervised by an adult, young children can get acquainted with water before any possible fears might set in. They can also leanr respect for water in a safe and nurturing environment.

6. Heal from Colds and Congestion

Suffering from sinus problems? Simply open your tub, and pour in some water-based aromatherapy eucalyptus and before you know it, you’ll be saying goodbye to respiratory difficulties. The warm, steamy water alone will do this: adding eucalyptus will speed your healing from colds, or ease away congested chest and noses.

7. Post-Op Recuperation

Many hospitals these days recommend hydrotherapy for those patients recovering from surgery. One wounds have healed, in fact, there’s often no faster way to complete the journey back to full functionality and movement.

8. A Spa with the Stars

What fun to sit back and get a massage while you watch your favourite celebrities on your hot tub television. Let yourself dream, and all in the company of your favourite film and TV personalities.

9. Defuse Conflict

All families find themselves in conflict from time to time. Perhaps there’s something niggling for you, for your partner, or for your children. What better place to defuse the conflict and open up gentle conversation than the relaxing space that your hot tub provides?

10. Party Central!

Finally, but by no means less importantly, there’s no better addition to the BBQ and garden features than a hot tub to bring your garden to life! With LED lighting, water features and music that can be played without even using the tub, all your friends and family will be drawn like a magnet to the elegant design of your tub. It’s a real talking-point and natural centre of attention, truly the life and soul of the party!