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Who doesn’t dream of escaping the hustle, bustle & responsibilities of normal life, and relaxing somewhere far, far away? Trouble is, a holiday isn’t always possible; especially when you take into account the hike in costs during the school holidays.  Even when the cost isn’t a factor, sometimes health & safety concerns or work obligations prevent us from packing up, and shipping out anytime the urge strikes.


So, to help, here’s our Survival Guide to the perfect home spa holiday; with the ultimate hot tub accessories helping you to embrace the great British summer.


1. Music

No holiday, home or away, is complete without the perfect soundtrack; but water & tech can be a costly combination. Thankfully the Bluetooth® Wireless Technology behind our clever Hot Sound System means you can stream music from your own music library on your Bluetooth® enabled device.  And, if you’d rather leave your smart phone or tablet inside, our cutting-edge In-Home Wireless Dock allows you to connect virtually to any audio source you choose: iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 player, satellite/AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player, and to instantly transmit to your home spa. You can even change tracks, adjust volume and play or pause through the spa’s main control panel using your Apple® device.


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2. Mood

Visit any luxury 5star hotel spa, and you’ll see how much effort goes into creating the right kind of ambient lighting. And, by lighting up your evening you’ll also be able to relax and enjoy your home spa until the early hours. Our Clarion® Lighting System is a purpose designed hot tub lighting system, with high-specification lighting targeted to illuminate not only your spa cabinet and spa steps, but also spa entrance for additional safety after dark.


3. Comfort

Whilst British summer weather is notoriously changeable, it is still important to have adequate shade, as even a cloudy sky can result in sun-burn or sun-stroke. That’s why our 9’9″ diameter, 360° rotatable Spa Side Umbrella is the perfect choice. Constructed from powder coated aluminium and zinc-plated steel, you can be totally confident in its rust-resistance and ultra- stability, and ease of movement. Meaning you can choose to soak up the rays, or relax in the shade, at the drop of a hat.


5. Planning

Great home holidays demand plenty of prep; that way you can kick back responsibility free with everyone else. Put cooking, housework & laundry on hold. Pre-plan some meals, or better yet have a stock of take away menus on stand-by. Spend less time preparing your spa and more time enjoying it with our innovative ACE system. Then, lean back, relax and fully experience your spa’s soothing sensory performance with an incredibly comfortable spa pillow.


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Your ultimate hot tub experience

A home spa is the perfect place to reconnect and relax, and with our clever spa additions you can personalise and enhance the experience even more. So this year, make a promise to yourself to carve out time for fun and relaxation with the whole family; and create a garden retreat so perfect you’ll want to home holiday every year!

Talk to us about our wide range of hot tub accessories, and enjoy the ultimate home spa experience, all summer long.


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