What you need to know about the Hot Spring World ACE Salt Water hot tub sanitising system


Despite the fact that salt water ‘natural’ chlorination systems have been used in the swimming pool industry for quite some time, other hot tub manufacturers haven’t generally been too keen to devise a similar solution. This means that they have not yet cottoned onto the obvious advantages and ecologically sound benefits of this emerging technology at all.

Perhaps this is because the high level of salt required to produce an adequate amount of sanitizer, in old-fashioned systems, can actually harm traditionally made hot tub components, particularly those not made from corrosion-resistant metal.

However, our patented ACE Salt Water Sanitising System has been designed and developed especially by Watkins Manufacturing, the makers of HotSpring World’s hot tubs! This unique state of the art feature uses a revolutionary diamond electrode system, which really doesn’t require much salt but still provides superb levels of sanitation.

When combined with elements such as our titanium heaters and stainless steel fittings, this is one of the most effective and durable hot tub systems for water sanitation currently available.

What is the ACE salt water sanitising system?

Hot Spring World’s ACE Salt Water sanitising system generates powerful natural cleaners using significantly lower levels of salt than normal, indeed the level is similar to those found in drinking water! The remarkable fact is that the target salt level of 1000ppm is essentially undetectable by taste or smell!

The diamond technology behind the ACE system is used all over the world in breweries, food production, on cruise ships, and even to purify water from the Austrian Alps. Sparkling clean mountain water!

However, this is the first time that this kind of advanced technology has been used by the home spa and hot tub industry. Therefore, our buyers can have complete confidence that any HotSpring World hot tub, equipped with this system, will have superior levels of water sanitation.


What are the benefits of the ACE salt water sanitising system? 

The intelligent ACE Salt Water sanitising system will automatically generate the precise amount of oxidisers and natural chlorine that is required based on the spa’s size and owner’s usage level.

Another benefit is that there are fewer chemical bottles from which to measure and pour, meaning there is much less work when it comes to your hot tubs maintenance. Customers won’t have to drain and refill their hot tubs as often either because the life of the spa water is extended thanks to this precise control of the water chemistry.  

The owner does have to input his or her spa size and use level, but the ACE system will then communicate with the in-built, state-of-the-art control panels on all our models for maximum ease of use and ultimate peace of mind.

How does the ACE salt water sanitising system work?

A special ACE cell, which takes the form of a cutting edge diamond-coated electrode, allows the system to generate natural chlorine as well as a variety of other powerful oxidisers directly in the water.

One of these oxidisers is called Active Oxygen, which goes to work cleaning any impurities in your hot tubs water. Active Oxygen will also combine readily with other elements in the water, such as salt, to create additional oxidisers like ozone, hydrogen peroxide, MPS non-chlorine shock and natural chlorine.

As a result, our home spas and hot tubs benefit from the potential of five natural cleaners that are generated in the spa water, helping to keep it sparkling fresh and crystal clear, always ready for your safe and healthy enjoyment.

For more information regarding our cutting edge water sanitisation systems, get in touch to find out more, or simply download our information packed hot tub brochure.