How to Choose Your Perfect Hot Tub


We strongly recommend trying out a hot tub yourself – a test soak is the equivalent of test-driving a car – and direct experience will give you more information than simply looking at different models.

Here are seven simple pointers to help you make the most of your experience:

  1. Ensure you have plenty of time. Allow at least an hour for your test soak: ten minutes to get changed, fifteen to twenty minutes trying out (at least) two models, ten minutes to dry off and get changed again. Ask your sales professional to book you a suitable time to soak, and where possible, give them an idea of the models you would like to try.
  2. Even if you have your heart set on one model, trying another will only serve to confirm your original choice. Hot tubs vary widely in design, and sometimes the experience will surprise you!
  3. Take along your partner and anyone else who is going to be regularly using the tub. By getting in together, you will get a great sense of whether there is sufficient room for you, if seats are suitable for people of different sizes and shapes.
  4. The ability to change the power of jets, the variety of experiences they offer, as well as how they are placed to soothe your back, shoulders, neck, legs, calves and feet, is the real heart of your hot tub experience. Some people get confused and believe that more jets equates to a better hot tub experience, but remember that you can have 120 jets, but if they sting or are uncomfortable, or all provide the same massage, then it’s better to have 6 jets, each of which provides you with a different quality massage. Look to see that jets are different, and have large holes – generally speaking, larger jet holes provide a greater degree of power and comfort. After 15 – 20 minutes, how has your massage experience felt? Did it get to all the vital spots, and provide you with real relief from pain or discomfort? How relaxed do you feel when getting out of the tub, compared to when you got in?
  5. Try out every seat – good quality hot tubs will have a good variety of seating, jet configurations and designs. Some people prefer bucket seating, whilst others prefer loungers, or upright seating. By trying out the range of available seating, you will establish which work best for you.
  6. Consider the placement of controls control panels should be simple to operate, with no complicated procedures involved, be easily visible and intuitive. You should be able to divert the power to different parts of the tub, and to change jet power easily. Other features – such as waterfalls, DVD / TV players and music speakers – should all be placed for maximum comfort. All lighting needs to be fully effective when people are seated within the tub – so as much as possible ensure that you are within a darkened room when you test the lighting effects. The placement simple items, such as drinks holders, control panels and other features, will tell you a great deal about how well designed are the models you are considering.
  7. How comfortable are pillows, if provided? Seats fitted with pillows ought to be designed to allow you to completely relax, so ensure the pillow is soft while providing both support and comfort.

By putting these seven tips into practice, by the end of your test soak you will be well placed to make a choice between models.

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