How Does the Swim Machine Produce a Water Current in an Endless Pools® Fitness System?


The idea of an in-home Fitness System might be a new concept for some because of the swim-in place experience. One of the many innovative benefits of this Fitness System is the Endless Pools® Swim Machine.

The Swim Machine

The swim machine allows you to swim in place while still staying afloat. It uses a hydraulically powered propulsion system to create a water current of up to 5,000 gallons per minute at full power. Conditioning grills help to redirect and smooth the water to create a laminar water flow. Once you get accustomed to this unique experience, it feels like swimming in open water.

For any level of swimmer

Like the underwater treadmill, the swim machine pumps biodegradable vegetable oil to the 5 HP underwater motor for energy-efficient power. This adjustable speed ranges from 5:00 to 1:08 minutes per 100 yards. This results in a system that is valuable for any level of swimmer.

The Endless Pools Swim Machine is ideal for swimmers who want to improve their stroke. It can benefit anyone training for a swimming event, and is useful for the everyday swimmer who wants to switch up their exercise routine. While getting used to the swim machine current, it’s usually recommended to start at a mild speed and slowly increase to find the pace that is right for you.

Just for serious athletes right?

RecSport Systems R500

A focus on well-being doesn’t need to be just about working out. It’s also about family time, ME time, relaxation, and play time.

Our RecSport Recreation Systems range is specifically designed for recreation. The unique design maximises the interior space for play, exercise, and relaxation, ideal for those who want to enjoy the physical and non-physical benefits of water.

Whether it’s splashing with the kids, relaxing against the soothing hydromassage jets, or enjoying a low-impact workout, it’s all possible – at an affordable price – with RecSport.

Remote control

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about getting in and out of the water to adjust speeds. Use either the water resistant remote control or the Wifi enabled Endless Pools Fit@Home™ App to easily adjust the pace. The Fit@Home App can also be used to program your workouts!

Book your free no obligation swim test

Visit your local showroom to take a look around our 3 Endless Pool collections . . .

  • SwimCross System – five swim jets producing air-free and turbulent free current, the serious collection for training and exercise
  • Fitness Systems – blending the innovative Endless Pools® Swim Machine with the optional powered underwater treadmill
  • RecSport Recreation Systems – air-less swim jets, comfortable seating, spa sets and hydromassage jets, great for fitness, great for family

You can also take a swim test with your local retailer, to try out the experience!

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