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The Pulse DL® hot tub, DL meaning Double Lounger. This special edition Limelight Pulse DL hot tub features two loungers so that you can lay back and relax in the soothing bubbles of the Pulse. Built for your enjoyment, designed to last and a way to bring family and friends together in complete luxury.

The Pulse DL® hot tub brings you the chance to live the dream and enjoy a spa so well built and designed it will surprise you every time you step into it. Everything put into the Pulse® hot tub spells out quality and every inch of it is value for money.

Step into a Pulse DL® hot tub today and feel just how great they are.

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Average rating: 3.8

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Coastal Grey

A truly shining example of luxury in this fully functional hot tub

PULSE DL Hot Tub Specs

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Seating 5 adults
Dimensions 2.26m x 2.26m x .97mH
Water capacity 1,450 liters
Dry weight 450 kg dry
Filled weight 2,300 kg filled
Lighting system Raio™ lighting system (multi-colour LED)
Entertainment systems (optional) Integrated MP3 (optional)
Wireless multi-source sound system and/or television (optional)
Control system IQ 2020™
Includes G.F.C.I. protected sub-panel
Total jets 50
Jets 6 Combination XL jets
6 Combination jets
38 Directional Precision® jets
Jet pump 1 Wavemaster™ 9000; One-speed, 2.5 HP
Continuous Duty, 4.8 HP Breakdown Torque
Jet pump 2 Wavemaster™ 9200; Two-speed, 2.5 HP
Continuous Duty, 4.8 HP Breakdown Torque
Water feature Vidro™ (backlit, multi-color LED) waterfall
Circulation pump SilentFlo 5000™
Water care options ACE™ Salt Water Sanitizing System (optional)
Effective filtration area 6 m2, top loading
Cover colours Ash
Cover options 9 cm to 6 cm tapered, 2 lb.
Density foam core, UL classified, ASTM rated
Cover lifters (optional) CoverCradle™
CoverCradle™ II
Lift 'n Glide™


This advanced water care option is exclusively available from Hot Spring. The ACE Salt Water System uses a diamond electrode to create a powerful oxidiser and chlorine sanitiser that keep your spa water sparkling clean. With the ACE system, you'll add fewer bottled products to the water and enjoy better water quality with less maintenance.

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