Spa Foam Reducer


1 Litre

Reduces and inhibits foam build up in all hot tubs.

A build up of foam in hot tubs results from the introduction of detergents left on bathing costumes and skin. If possible, it is a good idea to encourage bathers to shower before entering hot tubs to reduce foam and also to remove any cosmetics and creams/lotions from the body. Encourage hot tub users to rinse costumes in clean water, rather than washing powder and fabric conditioner.

If foam does appear, add a tiny drop or two of Anti-Foam to the water (do not add too much as the silicone may clog your filters). This will disperse of the foam instantly on the surface of hot tubs.

USE: A tiny drop at a time to hot tubs when the jets are running. DO NOT OVERUSE

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Delivery Information

Delivery and supply to UK Mainland only.

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