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During the 34 year history of HotSpring, we have earnt a reputation as an industry leader. We were the first to come up with a silent 24-hour circulation pump, the first to create synthetic cabinets and the first to invent CD ozonators.

We now have created another first: a saltwater system using diamond technology.

Why is this so exciting?

Even though saltwater sanitizers have been associated with the pool industry for over 30 years, getting an effective saltwater sanitizer to work inside a hot tub has proved notoriously difficult.

Pools and spas are very different environments: a pool runs cool with just one or two swimmers, whereas spas run hot with many users at once. Other saltwater sanitizers have run into difficulty because they use graphite or titanium to react with salt. By using diamonds, as well as a patent-pending water hardness remover, we create five powerful sanitizers, including “energetic water” containing active oxygen that cleans your spa naturally, without creating any harmful chemicals.

In addition, because the water is soft, you feel great inside your tub. The components are subject to less wear and tear, and the water only needs to be drained once every six months or so.

Mike McCague, who helped to invent ACE, recently visited us from California. He described the ACE system as “an industry game-changer.” Our customers agree: they simply love ACE.

We are proud of another innovation that will make your hot tub experience easier and more enjoyable. You can relax knowing Ace is going to work for you.


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