Hot Tub Health Tips


In a survey of 3000 people undertaken by YouGov, according to the Telegraph: “When asked what they would most like in their garden, 16 per cent said a hot tub, closely followed by 15 per cent who wanted a swimming pool. A vegetable plot was only favoured by 13 per cent, while a greenhouse received just 11 per cent of the votes.”

Indeed, BISHTA estimates that there are some 100,000 hot tubs in the UK alone.

Why are hot tubs so popular? Once solely the province of celebrities, hot tubs are now seen as a great way to de-stress, to prevent injury, or to alleviate common problems such as a bad back, sleep difficulties, and a wide range of sports injuries.

Indeed, many professional athletes alleviate the symptoms of sports injuries, or sore and aching muscles, with the regular use of hot tubs.

We have taken a few tips from people who really do push their bodies to extremes so that if you ever suffer from back pain, muscle problems or soreness, you can maximise the use of your hot tub.

First and foremost, your hot tub can be used as a preventive measure. Heat provided by your tub, as well as the massage that the jets produce, combined with the alleviation of pressure on joints provides a therapeutic environment. One of the main benefits, even with those who only use their tub for a few minutes, is to improve blood flow.

Some athletes will use their hot tubs briefly before they exercise to relax and loosen muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

After exercise a hot tub relaxes muscles and can reduce the build-up of toxins that cause muscle cramps, stiffness and soreness.

If an injury occurs, after reducing any swelling with ice, a hot tub can be used to reduce recovery times and supply endorphins to the brain, which acts as nature’s pain killer.

If we are prone to suffering from injuries or chronic pain, let’s take a leaf from pro athletes and learnt to enjoy our hot tubs both before and after exercise. Even if we aren’t exercise fans, or are unable to exercise, we can use our hot tubs on a regular basis to keep our bodies and minds in tip-top shape!

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