Hot Tub Covers

At HotSpring World, we provide a leading range of replacement hot tub covers and brand new thermal options to meet your every need.

There are a number of benefits associated with hot tub covers:

  • they help to conserve heat
  • keep your energy costs down
  • prevent dirt and debris from entering your spa so you can soak at a moment’s notice.
  • reduce the wear and tear on critical mechanical parts, by reducing the energy output, which can lead to extended equipment life.

Maintaining the cover in good condition is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your spa operating at its very best.

Signs Your Hot Tub Cover Is Ready For Replacement

Spa covers are designed to last for a long time. But like any object exposed to sunlight and weather over time, your hot tub cover will eventually show signs of wear.

So, inspect your spa cover monthly for warning signs.

Replace Your Hot Tub Cover if:

You see breaks, cracks, tears, fading or sagging. Deteriorating condition and changes in shape could cause the cover to let heat and water vapour out, and dust and debris in. Look for dry or brittle texture in addition to holes and other visible signs of breakage.

Your hot tub cover is waterlogged. When the vapour barrier fails the cover’s inner foam will absorb water, creating a perfect environment for bacteria and mildew to grow. Not only is a waterlogged cover a health hazard and overly heavy, it could lead to accelerated deterioration of the other parts of your spa.

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